OXYGEN25 - Oxy-Gen 25lb Pail

Oxy-Gen for Rabbits and Cavies: The Original Oxy-Gen Technology Provides the Competitive Look Better nutritional transfer, resulting in better, thicker fur Extended breeding life Larger litter with higher survivability Safe, natural and drug-free Oxy-Gen works great across your whole herd! For young and old Oxy-Gen will help your breeding program and help you start to BUILD your Champions from the beginning and maintain them to the end. The Original Oxy-Gen for Rabbits and Cavies provides better nutritional transfer, resulting in better overall condition. Perfect for young rabbits during weaning. The Original Oxy-Gen will help them transition to pellets with less stress. The Original Oxy-Gen gives you a better balanced animal that leads to a more consistent performance from them, whether it's in breeding or on your show team. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS Crude Protein, min 16.00% Crude Fat, min 2.00% Crude Fiber, max 4.00% Calcium, min 0.10% Calcium, max 0.30% Phosphorus, min 0.30% Phosphorus, max 0.80% FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Under 5 pounds 1/4 ounce per head per day 5 pounds and up 1/2 ounce per head per day